3 June AD 2020

About Newsman

The Newsman blog is where Tito Edwards will be posting literary appetizers related to FŒDVS, Big Pulpit, & The Samizdat Herald.

One of my passions, outside my love for Jesus & His Church, is reading the news.  Ever since I was a little boy, I would see my father arrive from his job, pick up a newspaper, sit on the couch, & read the entire paper.  His enjoyment permeated through my senses.  Children learn habits by viewing their parents, & so it was with me.

My curiosity about history made me read the newspaper so I could better understand the world around me.  Growing up, while watching films & television programs from ancient Rome to Wild West shootouts, I always wondered how did mankind shifted from using swords & sandals to guns & cowboy boots.  How did we, as a civilization, progressed from gathering seeds just to survive the day to having computing power in the size of our hand?

Hence, my search for information on how this happened began in reading history.  As it is said in the industry, news is history being written about now.  So it was only natural that I also perused newspapers to figure out the world.

Gorging on newspapers & later news websites turned me into a news junkie.  Yeah, the guy that would purchase seven newspapers & sit down in the corner of the book store & read until his appetite was satiated.

Fast-forward to today & I am operating several Catholic, & one secular, news websites.

Newsman, where before I was only just a newsboy. . .